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About Santa Teresa and Mal Pais

Many people are surprised to know that Santa Teresa did not even have electricity until 1996. Although the area was well-known to surfers for some time, the “secret” did not get out more broadly until after the year 2000, and since that time the area has experienced tremendous growth and development.

Santa Teresa was originally one farm, owned by one man with no family. After his death, the government divided up the land in an effort to encourage ownership. Many of the local families in the area have grandparents who worked on the farm, and whom are now some of the most established families in Santa Teresa.

Mal País, on the other hand, has been a fishing village since pre-Columbian times, and many families have been there for generations. Today you can still visit the Mal País fish market, where if you are lucky, (and the catch was good!) you can buy some fresh Yellowfin Tuna, Grouper, Red Snapper, Mackerel, or more.  Or better yet, hire one of the locals for a 3-hour fishing tour and catch your own! Thereby you are supporting the local economy, and enjoying a nice barbeque later on in the day.

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