Eco-friendly Efforts


Casa Zen has always been committed to helping the environment.  We have been recycling since 2005, first driving it ourselves to the only available place in Tambor, then working with the local garbage collector Gato Montoya, and now with the Municipality of Cobano who offers weekly pickup for all in town. (We encourage all other businesses in town to take advantage of this service!  🙂

We have installed low energy lightbulbs in (most!) of the lights, encourage our guests to turn off lights and fans (although this can be a challenge…smile), and dry as many sheets out in the sun as we can. We’ve upgraded (most!) of our appliances to newer, energy efficient models, and our cleaning products, laundry detergent and yoga mat cleaners are all bio-degradable and/or plant based.

Beginning in 2007, we started using EM, Efficient Microorganisms, in the treatment of our septic system and grey water system. EM is composed of mircoorganisms which work to break down waste by fermentation. It has a wide variety of uses, from wastewater treatment to soil treatment, cleaning products and even toothpaste. It is safe to consume and completely non-toxic.  More information can be found at the research website  Working closely with the Cobano Agricultural Cooperative, and with special thanks to Dagoberto and the Japense scientists, we are working to ensure our wastewater does not harm the environment.

Casa Zen is eco-friendly


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