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Jenni as Yoga Teacher in Casa Zen


Originally from British Columbia, Canada, I have been living and loving in Costa Rica for the last four years. I have had the privilege of studying yoga around the world, and certified to teach Anusara yoga in 2010. I believe that yoga is a mental, spiritual and physical practice that is suitable for everyone; your yoga practice will change and grow with you, and meet you where you are on your journey, here and now. I look forward to sharing practice with you, many blessings!




I have some qualifications in my life: mechanical engineer, professional mountain guide, relationship counselor, but all these qualifications are not important in the way of yoga. I have practiced and studied the yoga of Kashmir for five years with Daniel Odier, Natalie Delay and Eric Baret. Thanks to Daniel I had the opportunity to know the deep samadhi and afterwards the opening of the heart and Awakening. The integration of these non-experiences have taken some years: I met suffering, depression and loneliness. Now the practice of the sole presence of the moment’s reality is what remains; a never ending listening. I left Italy and I’m now living in Costa Rica where I propose the practice of this marvelous tradition.




To be a teacher you must first be a student. I practiced for years without the intention of becoming a teacher. I was enthralled with the growth I witnessed not only in my daily asana but in my approach to the world around and within me.  After over 600 hours YTT I have developed my continually evolving style.  Coined, ‘Creative Dynamic Vinyasa’ I integrate Hatha, Power, Advanced, Prenatal, Yin, Bikram and Restorative yoga into a broad and energetic flow.  I focus greatly on transitions requiring a mindful presence and a pairing of breath with movement.  I encourage my students to listen to their bodies and provide what they needs, knowing when to find an edge and when to step back. Above all I believe yoga should not be a stressful experience but a time to be playful, abandon expectations and judgement, treat challenges as opportunities and be curious about ourselves and our place in the world.





Karin’s Bhakti-infused yoga classes are focused on breath, and giving time and space as she guides students though a fun, alignment-based practice. An Austrian native, Karin embraced yoga around 2005, while living in the USA, and discovered a life-changing path. Since then,
she has been studying with many renown teachers around the world. It took Karin many stepping stones until she understood her Divine Journey in this life. It was through Yoga, which taught her to follow her own true north, that she was able to fully jump into her life and
live her Dharma. And this she wants to share. Karin has now found sanctuary in Costa Rica, where she has discovered how living life deeply connected to Mother Nature, and tuning into
it’s natural rhythm can result in living a life filled with beauty, joy, abundance, health, and longevity.




April is a certified Ayurveda-Yoga therapist and Hatha Yoga teacher passionate about exploring the healing of the mind, body and spirit through asanas, Pranayama and meditation. She will guide you through a strong and flowing practice building our Prana/Chi/Energy and bringing love and balance to our lives.



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