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Jenni as Yoga Teacher in Casa Zen


Originally from British Columbia, Canada, I have been living and loving in Costa Rica for the last four years. I have had the privilege of studying yoga around the world, and certified to teach Anusara yoga in 2010. I believe that yoga is a mental, spiritual and physical practice that is suitable for everyone; your yoga practice will change and grow with you, and meet you where you are on your journey, here and now. I look forward to sharing practice with you, many blessings!




I have some qualifications in my life: mechanical engineer, professional mountain guide, relationship counselor, but all these qualifications are not important in the way of yoga. I have practiced and studied the yoga of Kashmir for five years with Daniel Odier, Natalie Delay and Eric Baret. Thanks to Daniel I had the opportunity to know the deep samadhi and afterwards the opening of the heart and Awakening. The integration of these non-experiences have taken some years: I met suffering, depression and loneliness. Now the practice of the sole presence of the moment’s reality is what remains; a never ending listening. I left Italy and I’m now living in Costa Rica where I propose the practice of this marvelous tradition.





Since I was a little girl I love to be in movement. Moving
the body is a way to feel connected to myself and the world around me in a pure and authentic way. It gives me the chance to be creative, express myself and feel balanced. Through the years this passion for movement expressed itself in different forms of Dance, Dance Therapy and Yoga.

Mindful Movement

For over twelve years I have been teaching dance in different styles, like jazz, modern and salsa. After receiving my Research Master’s degree in Psychology, I was able to combine my knowledge and skills of the human psyche, physiology and movement in studying Dance and Movement therapy (DMT). Since three years I have had the opportunity to give sessions in DMT. It is a great gift to observe how people open up and envelop more and more the person that they truly are by moving in a mindful way.

Costa Rica

Besides my love for movement and dance, I am very curious towards other cultures. For the last 8 years I have been traveling the world. In Costa Rica I found my second home. A loving nature, warm people and different teachers gave me the opportunity to grow in love, compassion and acceptance.


Here, I discovered the transformative power of Yoga. To me yoga is not only a physical but also a spiritual practice. It let you gain strength and flexibility, but also gives you mental and emotional clarity and energetic balance. Furthermore it gives space to listen to the body and your inner voice; to discover the stillness in the present moment; and to become more and more sensitive to the beauty of life! Through the years I have practiced different styles of yoga (Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha en Anusara yoga). I finally specialized in Vinyasa Flow and received a 200 hr Teacher Training by Angela Boltz. Other teacher trainings enriched my practice, like YogaDance by Rika Lukac.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is best described as a movement meditation guided by the breath. Through different sequences of yoga postures you are invited to let the poses flow with your breath. In that flow a rhythm is created and the movements can become like a dance.





Joe teaches 3 Hearts Yoga, an intuitive yoga practice that honors the three heart bodies, physical, prana and spirit. In the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya, “The Teacher Of The Teachers”, breath initiates movement to create a four part practice into oneness. The postures initiate the “Energy Locks”. These locks facilitate the breath and that seamless, relaxing and energetic breathing initiates movement, bringing the practitioner into the heart, into meditation, our natural state of being. Mark Whitwell and Ana Forrest are major influences and Ashtangavinyasa, yoga therapy and meditation techniques permeate his classes. Joe is a teacher trainer and has had the honor of teaching yoga all over the world for the past 16 years. He founded the “Yoga Union”, in Portland OR.and created the Teacher Training Yoga Shala and Dormitory at “The Sanctuary”, in Thailand. He is eternally grateful for his many gifted teachers over the years who have shared their precious time and infinite wisdom.




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